Golden Globe winner for "In Bruges."

"The time I've spent with Tommy has opened my eyes to things that seem so obvious that they become all too easy for the actor to forget.  I speak of history of character, intention, both in the immediate and that which is deeply buried.  Tommy understands the emotional journey of a character, and whether you approach your work intellectually or viscerally, his questioning which is constant and wonderfully curious, is inspiring beyond belief.  As a man, he is caring and compassionate and whether playing a sinner or a saint, this is the approach that bares the sweetest fruit." 


 Boardwalk Empire, Machete, Fast and Furious, All the Real Girls, Tigerland

"There is no one I trust more with my preparation for my films or auditions than Tom.  He is the smartest mind I have been around with his keen eye for the process of where an actor needs to be no matter what they are working on.  I've been with him since my first film Tigerland and every film thereafter.  To work with him is more than just putting together an audition or preparing for a movie, it's the philosphy of acting and what it means to be an artist.  There's no doubt I wouldn't be where I am today without Tom's influence."


Nick Krause

Boyhood, The Descendants, Parenthood, Grimm

"Tom is the best thing that's ever happened to me in the study of my craft. His casual mastery and explanatory ease makes it easy to play and be confident in your work from the second you walk into his studio to the minute you step off of set." 



Vikings, Geostorm, Five Killers, Cold Souls

"Tommy Draper is one of Hollywood's hidden jewels.  His greatest gift lies in helping to prepare the actor through character development, script breakdown, and guiding you to discover your own personal voice in the role--whatever it may be.  Working with Tommy has helped me craft my characters and make them come alive. Thank you, Tommy."






noah munck


odeya rush


andre royo


Brennan elliott


finley jacobson


kate micucci


warren sapp